Summer Club & The Creatures
Nominated for two Lambda Literary Foundation Awards, Jim's debut novel is a provocative, daring piece of erotic fiction. Set in the waning days of the swinging 70s an insecure, lonley young man finds himself in a world of beautiful people who use each other as their drug of choice --- but that their beauty hids something as dark and troubling as the world he left behind.


Faraway Hill: The Trilogy
Inspired by network television's first soap opera --- "Faraway Hill" which appeared on the defunct DuMonth Network in 1946 --- this trilogy is the tale of New Hampshire's Hallopran family and colorful widow Karen St. John. With lots of GLBT elements, the novel is written with a nod to its predecessor: each chapter is labeled an "episode" and ends in either a cliffhanger or climax. To learn more, visit

Pittsburgh Puzzles
Think you know Pittsburgh? Test your knowledge of the Steel City with these fun and challenging crosswords, wordfinds and "alphapuzzles" all about Pittsburgh's history and diverse communities.

Marketing 101
Jim's Marketing 101 booklet provides musicians, singers, bands and their representatives with the basic tools they need in a concise, practicle way.

Stranger Things Have Happened (Screenplay)
This comedy is about two very different people at two different stages in life, who come together when the romantic lives of both comes to a crossroads.

Novels In Development
These include The Autobiography of Adam, about a man reflecting on how his life brought him to a shocking momement; 1927, about an aspiring singer/songwriter in the Roaring 20s.